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Violent Crimes

Violent Crimes


At The Law Office of Brian A. Picarello, we are committed to handling the defense of violent crimes by investigate thoroughly and advocate vigorously for all of your rights from the beginning to the end of your criminal matter.

The sooner one of our attorneys begins working on your case, the more options you may have. It is essential to get to the heart of the matter and find out the facts of your case.

Examining the Facts

Violent Crimes

Violent Crimes

If you have been questioned in connection with someone’s untimely death, an accident where someone was severely injured or died involving a car you were driving, or in relation to any other unusual circumstances, talk to an attorney as soon as possible to ensure that your criminal and civil rights are protected until the case is resolved.

At The Law Office of Brian A. Picarello, we understand how to construct a strong defense and how to aim for the most favorable and attainable outcome in a case. Contact us now for a free consultation to discuss your legal issues involving accusations of violence resulting in harm or death to another human being.

Self-Defense? Accidental Injury?

Even if you hurt or even killed someone, there may be certain circumstances that will help lessen the chance that you will serve an extended prison sentence. Maybe your domestic partner, family member, or friend provoked a violent response resulting in your actions causing serious injury or death. We can help mitigate that legal impact that such an event has when you are forced to either defend yourself, or when you acted in the heat of passion.

What Happens Now?

Whether you were involved in a brawl, hurt someone accidentally, have been accused of rape, or harmed your domestic partner in a rage after he or she cheated on you, your most important business now is to find an experienced attorney to defend your interests. There is no telling what the impact this event can have on your life, but one thing is certain; protect your rights, your freedom and your future by contacting The Law Office of Brian A. Picarello to schedule a consultation.